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We are backed by successful bunch of people.

Clarion Venture Partners is an angel investor with a unique approach.

Clarion Venture Partners is an Angel and Seed Fund. What makes CVP unique is:

  1. A focus on technology services companies
  2. A willingness to fund first generation entrepreneurs with just a bright idea and the skill to leverage it
  3. The CVP incubator/accelerator model including shared services and access to seasoned mentors in various critical business function areas


CVP was born in the minds of the founders, Ankur Agarwal & Swati Agrawal, as they went about building Clarion Technologies, a highly differentiated software services company. Their experiences convinced them that other entrepreneurs looking to build services companies could benefit from the knowledge they themselves had accumulated - this has formed the basis for many of the unique features of the CVP model. CVP incubations span the software technology landscape from Cloud to Software Testing and Security focused startups.