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  • Healthcare Sacurity

    Software security has become increasingly more important in today’s information technology landscape for all industries including healthcare industry. Cyber-attacks by individuals, organizations, and even countries are continually on the rise. Hackers and cyber criminals continuously push the boundaries of software security, making it crucial for healthcare product companies to focus on medical device security.


    Philips Healthcare had arranged a conference named “Connect2Care” to enlighten the topic of medical device security on 28th June 2017. Nitesh Sinha, CEO, Sacumen made a presentation titled  “Health is wealth but so is Security” where he explained how to set-up secure SDLC process for healthcare product companies and provided framework and recommendations for medical devices security.


    If you need a copy of the presentation, please send a mail to info@sacumen.com and we will be happy to share the presentation copy.

  • One of the common concerns I have heard from leadership team at various Product and Enterprise companies has been that they do not know how secure their products or applications are and that they do not see any tangible (or at times even non- tangible) benefits coming out of the application security initiatives in their organization. The primary focus of application security initiatives has been to get the vulnerability assessments and pen test done at defined intervals and the remediation efforts are followed in an ad-hoc manner. This cycle keeps on going and strongly builds the perception that ensuring application security is a necessary evil and that application security initiatives are revenue black-hole.Read more

  • Healthcare industry is a darling of Cyber criminals. Even attacks on companies that operate outside medical field can have healthcare-related consequences. It is predicted that with continued high profile hacks, IT security, distributed or mobile will be one of the top priorities for many organizations. GE healthcare organizes many initiative round the year focusing on various aspects of Healthcare. Nitesh Sinha, CEO, Sacumen was invited to speak on the topic of Healthcare Security at the GE Healthcare conference “Healthcare Architects Meet” on Feb 2016.Read more

  • Due to the frenzied pace at which the technology growth has happened, is happening and will happen, we are approaching a pretty complex heterogeneous Infrastructure environment. With the fast-paced growth of multiple networking protocols and messaging formats, organizations will need to plan to put one standardized Infrastructure in place this is capable of addressing current and future requirements.Read more

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    It’s that time of the year where most of us would reflect on how the year went and look at the coming New Year with hope for greater success, peace, prosperity and so on. One of the common thoughts that come to everyone’s mind is to look at ways to be better than before and that leads to creation of list of resolutions.

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    There are two stories in the news that you get to hear almost every day.

    The first is the phenomenal growth happening in the Entrepreneurial world with startups becoming the darling of the investment world and leading to amazing innovation in various fields. The second are the Security breaches that are surely shaking the foundation of business.


    The first one is a delight while the second one is a plight that leads to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) syndrome. Read more

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    Let me start by listing few scenarios:


    • I bought one of the best products in the IAM space by looking at a prominent research agency document but find that the product does not meet my business objectives.

    • The IAM solution does not support straight integration with many of the applications in my environment though the Sales guy promised me Out-of-box integration.

    • The IAM product is not able to implement many of my business processes related to On-boarding and termination of Users.

    • Any integration with newer applications leads to Vendor stating that it needs a custom connector to integrate those applications with the deployed IAM solution.

    • I was promised that the entire digital lifecycle management will be automated when the IAM product is deployed and I still have multiple manual process existing and makes the entire process more troublesome than before.

    • My Top Management looks at our IAM program as a money pit and a failure. This product sucks. God, can you please send me to the old days when internet was not there!

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