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  • resolutions-for-security

    It’s that time of the year where most of us would reflect on how the year went and look at the coming New Year with hope for greater success, peace, prosperity and so on. One of the common thoughts that come to everyone’s mind is to look at ways to be better than before and that leads to creation of list of resolutions.

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  • 6-myths-it-security
  • sdlc-process

    Sacumen Application security has gained in recent times due to numerous well highlighted security incidents. As per NIST,92% of the vulnerabilities are Application security related, not networks. Enterprises and Product companies are looking at ways to ensure that their applications or products have the right application security controls built in so as to be ready to face the ever evolving Threat landscape. Secure SDLC is what is prescribed! Here is how the Secure SDLC process would go.

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