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    Nitesh Sinha, CEO, Sacumen was invited to speak on the topic of Healthcare Security at Philips Bangalore Conference

    Software security has become increasingly more important in today’s information technology landscape for all industries including healthcare industry. Cyber-attacks by individuals, organizations, and even countries are continually on the rise. Hackers and cyber criminals continuously push the boundaries of software security, making it crucial for healthcare product companies to focus on medical device security.


    Philips Healthcare had arranged a conference named “Connect2Care” to enlighten the topic of medical device security on 28th June 2017. Nitesh Sinha, CEO, Sacumen made a presentation titled  “Health is wealth but so is Security” where he explained how to set-up secure SDLC process for healthcare product companies and provided framework and recommendations for medical devices security.


    If you need a copy of the presentation, please send a mail to info@sacumen.com and we will be happy to share the presentation copy.

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