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Cloud Security

Are you looking for a solution to one or more of the following Question

  • Cloud security assessment

  • Cloud readiness assessment

  • Secure Cloud migration strategy

  • Cloud architecture design

  • Make your applications cloud enabled

  • Integration with various cloud services and On-premise applications

  • Leverage fully the security features provided by Cloud platforms

  • Customization

  • Support

We have the solutions for you!



  • Cloud security assessment

  • Cloud readiness assessment by evaluating your business objectives, compliance requirements, technology and security posture, application and data ecosystem, infrastructure needs, etc.

  • Secure Cloud migration planning laying out detailed steps to securely migrate your applications and data to Cloud

  • Design Cloud architecture

  • Proof of concept(POC)



  • Make your applications Cloud-enabled whether it is Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud

  • Integrate applications with Cloud services through integration with Cloud APIs

  • Integrate Cloud applications with On-premise applications

  • Implement Single Sign-on and Federation solutions

  • Custom connectors implementation for identity provisioning from Cloud to On-premise applications

  • Security configurations on the cloud platform

  • Customization as needed

  • Integration with leading Cloud access security brokers ( CASB) products, ticketing products



  • L1 and L2 support

  • On-board new applications

  • Customize and support as needed