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Identity and Access Management

Need of IAM:

It's a fast changing world today and the need of governing information channels across devices is increasing day by day. Mobile, Cloud or even Social networks must address a lot of business needs and follow compliances to reduce the risk from multi perimeter breaches.

Would you compromise on your valuable data and applications? No, You would rather be prepared with business driven & access governance. Sacumen helps you mitigate the complexities and time consuming processes involved in a business driven plan by targeting & addressing the right questions first.

Are you looking for a solution to one of the following?

  • Define IAM Execution Roadmap

  • Define a Role Management Framework

  • Perform Role modeling

  • Automate the digital identity lifecycle management (Joining, Management, and Termination)

  • Roll-out Single Sign-on solution or a Federation solution

  • Roll-out a Privilege Identity Management (PIM) solution

  • Integrate IAM solution with other solutions

  • Develop custom reports and dashboards

  • Leverage your IAM solution to expand your reach through Social Media, Cloud applications

  • Maintain and optimize the IAM solution

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  • IAM Execution Roadmap definition for laying out a clear path of executing the IAM solution meeting your business objectives

  • Define a Role Management Framework for laying out a consistent standard and process to define and manage the roles

  • IAM products evaluation and recommendation

  • Perform Role modeling for Entitlement Management through Certification / Attestation process

  • Automate the digital identity lifecycle management (Provisioning management, De-provisioning) by integrating the Identity Management solution with new applications or end points

  • Roll-out Web access management solution

  • Roll-out Single Sign-on solution or a Federation solution using standards such as SAML

  • Roll-out Privilege Identity Management (PIM) solution for better control and management of the super powerful admin account

  • Directory services integration

  • Integrate IAM solution with other security solutions in the areas of Strong authentication (Multi-factor authentication (MFA)) , Adaptive authentication (Risk based authentication), API Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Develop custom reports for better view of the Identity and Access landscape

  • Integrate IAM solution for Social media login and Cloud applications using standards such as OAuth, OpenID

  • Support IAM infrastructure and processes with L1 and L2 support

  • Product version upgrade

  • Continuous integration of IAM solution with new applications and optimization