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Managed Services

Need of Managed Services:

Today, the world is facing a complex cyber threat landscape and companies face a challenge between normalizing capital expenditures and managing security services. Minimizing the impact of a cyber attack with continual monitoring and providing 24/7/365 services is a work of an expert. A partner equipped to reduce the number of operational security personnel and still maintain an acceptable security posture is needed.

Sacumen is specialized in working with security product companies to provide managed services for their products and support for clients round the clock. Close the gap between challenges and goals through an unparalleled intelligence, highly flexible managed services designed to meet unique business needs.


  • Helps you focus on your core activities

  • Makes your clients happy through prompt support and availability

  • Efficiency improvements

  • Higher resource flexibility

  • Cost optimization

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Plan Professional
  • Deployment of your products in client's environment

  • Third party Integration and customization of your products to meet the client requirements

Execute Technical Operations
  • Management of your products in client's environment. Management will include

    • Products version upgrade

    • Handling day-to-day operations related activities w.r.t your products

    • Solution monitoring

  • Continuous integration, enhancements and optimization of your products in client's environment to meet the evolving client's requirements

Manage Technical
  • Technical product issues resolution
    (Level 1, Level 2 support)